Welcome to the website of the conference on Childhood Education and City Politics, organized by the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, BOinK and Childcare International, during the Dutch Presidency of the EU in the first half of 2016.

Reason for the conference

Child care, development and education of young children are subjects which are a focus of attention within the European Union. Stimulating the development of talent and citizenship of your European citizens in the 21st century is a major challenge. It is notable that there is an increasing consensus among researchers that the development of the youngest children is of the utmost importance. A high quality pre-school period has a greater influence on the long-run development of children than the primary school period.

This conference is the kick off of the European Cities Network Young Child and targeted at professional workers in child care, education and welfare, policy makers, politicians and local administrators. For more information please click here.

During the Childhood Education and City Politics Conference international speakers will offer top level, state-of-the-art knowlegde on investing in young children in an urban environment.

The implementation of general policies is always local. That certainly goes for policies involving young children. There is a growing realization that the cities are the bearers of innovation. That is why the city as a habitat will be the focal point.


EYE film museum Amsterdam


Ms Marcia Luyten (journalist and presentor of Dutch televisionprogram 'Buitenhof') wil be hosting the conference. Mr prof. Ruben Fukkink (University of Amsterdam) will be the moderator.

The program includes short visual presentations of cities of the City Network Young Child.

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We are looking forward to meeting you on June 6th and 7th.


Sponsored by:

The cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Het Kinderopvangfonds and the Bernard van Leer Foundation




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